Sports Funding 2015-2016

posted 8 Dec 2015, 02:36 by Muhammad Hassan

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum until 2020 to improve provision of PE and sport in primary schools. Feversham will receive £9, 759 based on the number of pupils on roll in January 2015.




When? And focus?



After school clubs



Enjoy and Succeed

G and T children

Table Tennis



At local schools after school and at weekends

Children provided with after-school clubs delivered by specialist PE coaches or qualified sports coaches


Children encouraged to take up new sports

-Pupil/ parent feedback

Pupil interviews







Summer term – to encourage the least active children to become involved in sports and PE

Supporting and engaging the least active children through new or additional sports clubs


-SR– learning walks 

-SR and ZK to scrutinise PE assessments for targeted children (Summ term)

-Pupil interviews/ questionnaires (Summ 2) – targeted children


Sports/ PE themed week enhancements;




Summer 2 – to introduce unique sports to enhance the PE curriculum. Promote PE/ sports to; keep healthy, for enjoyment, to build teamwork/ motivation skills



-Children have a go at new and unique sporting skills

-children find different ways of keeping healthy

-introduce and encourage children to participate in sports out of school

-children work co-operatively in teams

-Feedback from children/ staff

-Learning walks

-Staff evaluations



Young ‘playground’ leaders;

Hoodies (£

Whistles (£ x )

Playground equipment (eg. tabards, balls, )


Young Leaders + Z

Autumn term – training

Spring term – implementation

Summ term – Young Leaders, coach new children to be Young Leaders

Provide opportunities for children to be active and take part in sport independently during playtimes and lunchtimes


Lunchtime supervisors and young leaders are able to support learning during playtimes and lunchtimes

-Feedback from lunchtime supervisors

-Pupil interviews (Spring term, Summ term)

-Staff feedback at playtimes

-Learning walks during break times (SR)


Staff CPD

Bradford PE Conference


PE Co-ordinator and  Sports Coach

Autumn 2

PE Coordinator and Sports coach up to date on latest  issues in Primary school PE and encouraging children to be more active and participate in sport

Sharing best practice.

SR to deliver Staff meeting on PE to share findings from conference and PE actions.


Staff CPD – subscription to  PE



Supporting teachers to deliver focussed and exciting PE lessons

 More confident and competent staff

Enhanced quality of teaching and learning

Increased capacity and sustainability

Improved standards

Learning walk and planning scrutiny






Membership of BD3 sports tournaments

(Venues, medals,prizes,admin)


BD3 area schools

Thursday – after school. Taking part in inter-school competitions and tournaments.

Children taking part in a variety of team sports at a competitive level.

ZK Feedback

Success in competitions – reported on website and via twitter






Health and Wellbeing week – Skipping4Schools workshops




KS2 participate in skipping workshops and  demonstrate what they have achieved in a whole school assembly



Extended, alternative provision

Increased pupil participation

Enhanced quality of delivery of activities

Improved standards

Positive attitudes to health and well-being

Pupil and staff feedback.


Employing specialist PE teachers / coaches to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge – Dance Coach




Summer term Staff CPD in an area of PE which staff feel less confident about delivering.

Increased pupil participation

More confident and competent staff

Enhanced quality of delivery of activities

Increased staffing capacity and sustainability

Improved standards

Staff and pupil feedback

Learning walks

End of training task


PE assessment online tool/ programme



Improve recording and  tracking of progress in PE

Enhanced quality of delivery of activities

Improved standards

Increased staff knowledge and understanding

A more inclusive curriculum which inspires and engages all pupils

Planning and Assessment

Learning walks

Pupil participation in lessons



Playground markings/ apparatus






New playground markings and equipment e.g climbing wall to encourage children to be more active at playtime and lunchtime

Increased pupil participation

Positive attitudes to health and well-being


Feedback from staff and lunchtime supervisors.

Observation of playtime and lunchtime


Pupil feedback – school council


Proposed costs





Approx. total spend to date





Remaining budget to carry over





TOTAL to spend

£9, 759