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Life Without Levels

How we assess pupils

posted 2 Oct 2015, 03:07 by Muhammad Hassan   [ updated 2 Oct 2015, 03:07 ]

At the start of September 2014, the government stopped the requirement for schools to use levels. Each school had to create a new way of assessing pupils.

What we do at Feversham

Also at the start of September, thee government gave schools a new curriculum (what schools have to teach). The curriculum has objectives for each year. The objectives say what a child has to have learnt by the end of the year.

We collect evidences that pupils can do what the objectives ask for. For 85% of the objectives there has to be 3 pieces of evidence that are collected with a gap of at least 2 weeks between them. For the remaining 15% of the objectives there has to be at least 1 piece of evidence.

For each subject in each year there are a set number of pieces of evidence that pupils must get by the end of the year. We check at the end of each half-term what percentage of evidences each pupil has and whether the percentage is higher, in line with or above where they should be.

The percentages required are at the end of each half-term is:

Autumn 1st half - 16%
Autumn 2nd half (Christmas) - 33%

Spring 1st half - 50%
Spring 2nd half (Easter) - 66%

Summer 1st half - 83%
Summer 2nd half (Summer) - 100%

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